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Guthrie County Country Schools Still Standing


At one time, country schools dotted the Guthrie County landscape. In 1906, Guthrie County had 136 frame and 6 brick schoolhouses! With the push for consolidation by the mid-50s, most country schools eventually closed. Many were moved to farmsteads and used as extra buildings for storage or workshops. Several were used as voting precincts but that use has also ended. At one time, Guthrie County had the highest number of country schools used as voting centers. The few remaining schools in Guthrie County that sit abandoned are now at risk of being razed. Here is a list of the 37 schools, divided by townships, that are currently known to be still standing in Guthrie County.


Bear Grove







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Baker Township

Bear Grove Township

Bear Grove #8: Closed 1950s. Used for storage.

Location: Originally SW corner of Sec. 27, Bear Grove Twp. First, purchased at auction by Bear Grove community for $400. Later, moved by Veryl Jensen to a farm in Sec. 18 of Bear Grove Twp. (original site of Bear Grove).

Special Feature: Original blackboard and wainscoting closet in back of room.

Interior of Bear Grove #8.

Beaver Township

Guthrie County Historical Village

Cass #4, #5, #6, and unidentified country schoolhouse: Previously used as part of the Panora Elementary School. The building is no longer used.

All of these schools were moved in the fall of 1953 to this lot on Church Street in Panora, just one block south of the Casey's Store on Highway 44. The schools were joined to create 5 classrooms for Panora. After Panora consolidated with Linden and the elementary school moved to Linden (in Dallas County) in 1963, K&L TV Repair used the building. It is now vacant and unused.

Cass #4 - closed 1953. Originally located middle Sec 20, Cass Twp.
Cass #5 - closed 1953. Located SW corner Sec 23, Cass Twp.
Cass #6 - closed 1953. Located NE corner Sec 23, Cass Twp.

Cass Township