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Memberships and Donations

There are several ways that you can donate to the Village:


Purchase a Membership.

                 (Contact the GCHV for more information)

                 Your membership also includes:

                 ▪  Unlimited visits to the museum during the                                                  season (May  through October).

                 ▪  Subscription to “The Village News” newsletter, which is                            published twice a year.

                 ▪  Special invitations to events and programs at the Village.


Gifts of Cash.

                 Mail to:


                 206 W South St.

                 Panora, IA  50216


Memorial Gifts

Gifts of Personal Property or Real Estate

Bequest by Will

Living Trust

Please call us at the Village for any questions, concerns, or comments you might have as you consider your benevolent gift.  Be assured that any amount of contribution is most welcome and always appreciated.

The Guthrie County Historical Village Foundation Board, Guthrie County Conservation Board, and Staff greatly appreciate the assistance you have given to the Historical Village throughout the years and would like to thank you in advance for your help creating a legacy.

Professional legal and tax advice should always be sought when making your decision about planned giving.

The GCHV is a non-profit organization.  Your donation is tax-deductible within the limits prescribed by the Federal Internal Revenue Code.



“Becoming a member of the Village means that you support and recognize the importance of your local museum.”

Membership Fees:

Individual Membership:  $20

Family Membership:  $30

Individual Gift Membership:  $20

Family Gift Membership:  $30

GCHV:  phone 641.755.2989  |  email gchv@netins.net  |  206 W South St—Panora, IA  50216


Corporate Membership:  $75

                 (< 10 employees)

Corporate Membership:  $150

                 (> 10 employees)