Batschelet Law Office

The "Batschelet" Law Office, as it is known today, was built around 1878. The original builder of the structure is unknown at this time. The first use of the building was the law office of Elbert Wright Weeks from 1878 until 1880. An identical building was constructed just north of Weeks' building (across the alley) in 1879. This building was purchased in the 1980s by Living History Farms, a museum located in Des Moines, Iowa, and taken apart piece by piece and reconstructed at their complex. This building, which is also a Law Office, is available for viewing in LHF's Walnut Hill area.

The Batschelet Law office has remained in its original location for 127 years but due to changing times and economic development, the building was no longer needed in its original location and was in danger of being demolished. The owner of the building and property, Mrs. C. K. Batschelet, who wished to see the building preserved, generously donated it to the Guthrie County Historical Village (GCHV) in 2004. In 2006, the law office was moved to the GCHV and has been restored to its original charm.  The last project is to complete the safe/vault and install the original shelving.

GCHV:  phone 641.755.2989  |  email  |  206 W South St—Panora, IA  50216

History of the Building