Guthrie County Historical Village

Country School Survey:


What’s for lunch?

Did you attend country school or were you a teacher at a country school?  If so, we’d like to know what your lunch or noon meal was like. 

Name(s) and/or number of school

(ex:  Cass #7):

Location (township, county, state):

Years attended/taught:

Your name:

What did you call the noon meal at school?

What did you take for your noon meal?

Did your lunch include anything that was purchased at a store (e.g. candy bar, SPAM)?

What was your favorite lunch?

What did you hate to get in your lunch but you got it anyway?

What did you drink with your lunch?

Did you have any hot food for your lunch?

Hot dish for everybody?

Pint jars from home heated in water pan on the stove?


Part of the meal cooked by students or parents?

Please explain any that you selected, and/or describe what your hot lunch was like:

Did you wash your hands before lunch?



In what did you carry your lunch?  Do you still have it?

Thank you for taking our survey!