Grant Township

Guthrie County Historical Village

Highland #8:† Also known as Stevenson School. Closed in 1950s. Currently used as a workshop.

Location: Originally SE corner of Sec 28, Highland Twp. When it was abandoned, it was purchased at auction for $1 and used as a workshop. In 1970, it was purchased by Alfred Wessling and moved about 100 yards from its original location. Still sits in Sec 28.

Special Feature: ornately-carved window trim and back door, piece of original blackboard, and one small strand of the American flag still hanging in school.


Orange Township

Richland Township

Seeley Township

Seeley #1:† Used as a workshop on a farm.

Location: Originally located NE corner Sec 11, Seely Twp. Moved by Lester Jorgensen to his farm, mid-south Sec 2, Seeley Twp.

Special Feature: original school sign on front of building. Recently removed to preserve - now located at Historical Village. Also, several original desks remain.

Seeley #5:† Closed in 1950s. Previously used as a voting precinct, community center, and 4-H meeting house. Status unknown.

Location: Sits on original site. Located NW corner Sec 9.

Special Feature: several years ago, school still had original bell and belfry, along with outhouse. Bell has been removed and the belfry and outhouse recently were lost in a wind storm.

Union Township

Valley Township

Victory Township

Guthrie County Country Schools Still Standing (continued)