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1. The MAIN BUILDING: The main complex is home to various displays of life around 1900, such as a dentist's office, a telephone switchboard, military uniforms and equipment dating from the Civil War, and the rare Civil War painting There are several animal cases containing species native to this area, a valuable rock and gem collection, as well as Native American artifacts, and many hats, clothing, and costume jewelry in our millinery display. The research library houses books, photos, and maps documenting the history of the county, the State, and the Nation. The restrooms and a water fountain for visitors, as well as the curator's office, are also located here.

2. The LOG HOUSE: The log house, built in 1851, was the first building in the area that is now known as Panora. It was originally used as a residence and carried a supply of groceries. The house was later enclosed as a frame home and over the next 100 years had several additions. When the frame home was being torn down in the '70s, the log house was discovered and eventually moved to the Historical Village in 1978. The house is furnished with period pieces, such as handcrafted chairs, a spinning wheel, a rope bed, and a feather tic mattress. [More Information]


The Batschelet Law Office, as it is now known, was originally built in 1878.  It was donated by the Batschelet family to the GCHV in 2004 and was moved to the complex in 2006 for restoration.  It is full of original documents, leather-bound law books dating from the 1870s, furnishings, and even the original walk-in safe.  [More Information]

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