Guthrie County Historical Village

Orange #9 before the road was changed and cut through the school yard.  The school was then moved to the west by several hundred feet.

Bear Grove #2

Baker #3

Bear Grove #7

Baker #3:  Early 1940s.


Children from L to R:

Robert Kness, Byrl Stewart, Robert L Hayes, Bob Parker, and Verlee Sheeder. 


Teacher not shown:  Birney Wolfe


Bear Grove #4:  North Branch School located in Section 17, Bear Grove Twp. This school is still standing but is vacant.

Children at Orange #9 start the day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Most schools would perform this ritual every morning before the exercises for the day began.

Orange #9.  Child in front is Velma Brumback.

Lunch out in the sun at Bear Grove #4.

Children playing a game outside their school, Bear Grove #7.

A girl flies a kite in the empty schoolyard while two boys watch.  One outhouse in right background.

Children remove their overshoes before they enter the school.

Children's sleds lined up against the steps at Bear Grove #4.

Miss Wolfe’s Photos—1940’s and 1950’s

The following pictures were taken during the 1940’s and 1950’s by Miss Bessie Wolfe, who taught at several country schools in Guthrie County. An envelope of negatives was located in Miss Wolfe's items that were donated to the Historical Village after her passing. To our surprise, and delight, we discovered that many of the negatives were country school scenes. The pictures are an extraordinary record of country school life in the 1950s and in Guthrie County.

Although we do not have a written record for the pictures, a few of the schools can be identified. However, many cannot. Many of the children cannot be identified either. If you recognize a school or someone in a photo, please let us know so that we may add this information to our records.